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Specialised agricultural buildings and advanced steel construction

At Prime Contractors, we understand that when you need a building, you need it quickly and economically with no sacrifice in quality. The best route to successful and timeous project completion is Prime Contractors, and the quicker your project is completed, the sooner occupancy occurs resulting in lower production costs.

Your building will be fabricated with the utmost care, using top quality South African materials, and a well-trained work force. Every structure manufactured is in compliance with local building standards and regulations.

Great care is taken to incorporate client-specific needs and requirements, whether it be a unique layout, preference to ventilation type or specific equipment installations. We liase closely with all equipment suppliers, so that the exact requirements and standards are achieved.

Over the last 20 years Prime Contractors has supplied and constructed in excess of 750 commercial poultry structures, an estimated 950,000 square meters of poultry housing. Ranging from open-sided broiler units, to grand parent stock quarantine facilities.

We will aid you from the initial planning and design of your buildings, right through to the successful commissioning thereof.