Healthy living demands Free Range poultry houses

Due to the increased demand for healthy living the request for Free Range poultry products has seen an unparalleled escalation. More and more farmers are investing in Free Range houses due to the large and increasing market demand.

Prime has continually been improving Free Range Housing designs, and offer superior Free Range structures for both Free Range Broilers and Layers.

•    These structures comprise of a basic steel frame with roof and floors. The side walls (built with cement blocks) are ‘half walls’, app. 1.2m high, with welded mesh closing the house from wall to eave. Every second bay (half wall) is left open and is fitted with our own steel hatches that open easily on a swivel action to allow the chicks to wander free.

•    The concrete floors are finished with powerfloat-machines that create an absolutely smooth surface, with sealed expansion joints.

•    The eave gaps are closed using our own patented Eave Plugs.

•    The Free Range houses are also fitted with an insulating ABS-ceiling (laminated to Polystyrene) that keeps the temperature inside the house constant.

Free Range poultry houses are easy to clean and maintain

Thanks to the ABS-ceilings and smooth floors these houses are easy to wash and keep disease free. The hatches are easy to open and close and allow enough space for the chicks to exit or enter the house without hindrance.
It still allows the client control over elements such as heat, cold, and ventilation, while creating a disease free area for your chicks to flourish organically.

Prime Contractors have developed numerous farms in SA with Free Range houses and carries a long list of satisfied customers.